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Finding the best home storage solutions for your space and decor can be a challenge, and your storage organiser depends heavily on the area you're attempting to organise, clean and declutter. However, Little Label Co has a large range of premium home storage ideas that fit perfectly in all areas of your home.

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We have a large line of storage and organisation products, and we're continually adding more. We take great pride in the quality of our home storage items, and we invite you to take a look and see which home storage ideas will work with your lifestyle. They include:

  • Accessories and Parts - We stock several accessories and parts to help you keep your space organised and your items working like new. You can pick from three different bamboo trays to hold your bottles, and we also have a spray pump, black matte pourer and two bamboo and black pumps for bottles.
  • Canisters  - Canisters are excellent shop storage ideas because they're large enough for bulkier items, and the clear design lets you see what is inside at a glance. We currently offer a 1-litre flip canister, 1.8-litre flip canister, 2.4-litre flip canister and 4.7-litre flip round canister with secure lids.
  • Herb and Spice Jar(s) - If you only need one or two spice jars, you can purchase our individual spice jars to help with your storage and organisation in your kitchen. They come in 200mL and 75mL sizes. We also have a mini wooden spoon to help you get your spices out of their jars when you need them.
  • Home Organisation Labels - Maybe you want a complete package for your storage and organisation goals. If so, we offer a home organisation label set that includes 12 containers with 12 custom labels.
  • Storage Containers - Our storage containers work virtually everywhere from wardrobe storage and toy storage to storage shelf organisers. Currently, we have 19 different options available, ranging from canisters and glass bottles to starter packs and water bottles.
  • Value Packs - Get all of your home storage solutions in a single pack! Our value packs come with everything you need to start the storage and organisation process.
  • Water Bottles - Get a chic and lasting bamboo and glass water bottle that you can use for storage or take with you to stay hydrated throughout the day! Our water bottles come with the option of customising them with a decal or name, or you can get it without.

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No matter which area of the house you're working on for storage and organising or where you are in Australia, having the right tools and containers on hand can make the process go very fast. Contact us today to find out more about our line of lasting home storage solutions!