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Herbs and Spices Organisation

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Herbs and spices organisation

Most of us have a collection of dried spices — like cinnamon, paprika, cumin and nutmeg, all spices and dried herbs like oregano, basil and sage — sitting in containers on our kitchen shelves. Whether it’s ten herb powders or 100 spice varieties you have, it's important to take stock of them, so you know when it's time to toss out the old stuff

Keep your herbs and spices fresh with our jars

Dried spices and herbs don't necessarily "spoil", but they lose their flavour over time. To keep the flavour great for long, use our herb and spice jars to store them in a cool, dry place out of direct light or heat sources (like over the stove) since that will cause them to become bland quickly. The tight seal of our best spice jars helps maintain their flavour by keeping out air and moisture, and using labels helps you easily identify each item when it is time to use it. Labelling them is also essential as they can cause confusion on what to use when you’re cooking.

Keep your kitchen organised and ingredients visible with herbs and spices containers

One of the best ways to organise your dried spices and herbs is to ensure you can see everything you've got, not just the stuff you use all the time. After all, it's a waste when a spice disappears into a corner, and you forget you even have it, then you buy it all over again or end up never using it at all. That’s not all — keeping your pantry organised will also help you focus more on cooking than scrambling for what to sprinkle. 

Clear containers with an airtight seal, like our herb and spice containers, will help keep your entire collection fresh, tidy and visible. Our range gives you flexibility in deciding where to store the containers — in a cabinet, on a bamboo shelf, drawer, turntable or anywhere you have room. 

Cooking done the right way with herbs and spices jars

It's tempting to dump spices into your recipe over the pot, but it can affect the quality of your spices over time. By holding your spices open over the stove, you are forcing them into the heat, and the steam rising off your food may cause condensation inside the spice containers. 

With our best spice jars herb and spice jars, there’s no need to worry as they have a wide top, making it easy for you to dip the amount you need with a spoon — so you don’t have to hold the jar over the pot and shake for the content to come out. 

Shop herb and spice jars from Little Label Co today!

We have been creating home organisation products since 2015. As an Australian family-run business based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, we love to be part of your home and you being part of the little label co-family! Look through our collections today to find what you need. With fast shipping, the convenience of AfterPay or ZipPay and a team that’s always ready to help, shopping essential wares for your kitchen organisation just got much easier. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Are the herb and spice jars eco-friendly?

Herb and spice jars made from materials like bamboo are considered eco-friendly and reusable.

Can I use the herb and spice jars for storing perishable items such as fresh herbs? 

Our herb and spice jars are not recommended for storing perishable items, such as fresh herbs, as they do not provide the necessary ventilation for preserving freshness. Storing fresh herbs in a separate container with ventilation, such as a mesh bag, is best.

Can I use the herb and spice jars for storing powders and fine-grain substances? 

Herb and small spice jars are suitable for storing powders and fine-grain substances, such as flour or powdered sugar. However, it is recommended to use a funnel for easier and neater filling of the jars.

How do I clean the herb and spice jars?

The glass jars are dishwasher safe, without a vinyl label, but we recommend simply hand washing with soap and water. The lids can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Can I purchase herb custom spice jars and herb labels? 

Yes, custom labels can be created for your herb or spice jars. You can also purchase our pre-selected herb and spice pack or our herb and spice sticker packs.

How do I store herb jars and spice jars

These jars can be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. They are stackable for easy storage in cabinets or on shelves.

Are herb and spice containers suitable for use in the freezer? 

No, they’re unsuitable for freezer use as glass can break when exposed to extreme temperature changes.