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Laundry & Cleaning Stickers (30 labels) Black or White

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Modern, minimalistic and elegant. Our new sticker labels will add a level of sophistication to your kitchen, laundry and cleaning storage solutions.

Unlike our other vinyl labels, these stickers are self-adhesive and ready to apply on any surface. We have selected the most popular and commonly ordered labels used in the home. 

This pack includes 30 x Laundry & Cleaning Stickers.

Colour: White & Black
Shape: Round & Square
Material: Waterproof Vinyl
Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm

Important Information

We are not responsible for any errors while applying the labels.

Please be patient and take your time applying the label as we don’t have any spare individuals on hand.

Labels are pre-made offshore and unfortunately cannot be changed or customised. Individual labels cannot be purchased.

During application ensure you do not handle the vinyl for too long as the oil released from your fingers will make it difficult for
the vinyl to stick to the surface.

As the stickers are a matte finish, they can scratch easily.

Please ensure you measure your space accurately before purchasing labels as there is no change of mind exchanges.

About Our Vinyl Sticker Labels

The labels are printed on high quality waterproof vinyl. Although they can withstand water, oil and other spills, ensure the labels are handled with clean hands and wiped as soon as they are exposed to any spillage.

The labels adhere to almost all smooth, flat and clean surfaces such as glass and plastic. They do not stick to raw wood, fabric, uneven or rough textured surfaces.

The labels are easily removable and if removed with care can be reused, although bubbles and liftedcorners may occur depending on how it was removed.

Please remember the adhesive of the labels weaken with every time you remove it.The labels are not dishwasher safe, hand wash is recommended only.

Do not soak labels in water.

How to Apply Vinyl Stickers

The surface you are applying the vinyl on must be completely clean and dry. Make sure the surface is free of dust, oil and dirt. Wipe surface with warm water only, do not use any chemicals, oils or acetones.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the labelFor easy removal, we recommend bending the paper before peeling the sticker off the backing. If you find the backing is peeling with the sticker, try another corner of the sticker.

Arrange label on desired surface. Press down firmly using fingers and pressing down any bubbles that may form 

Looking For Other Labels?

Below is just a size guide for labels with 1-2 words. If your label is more than 2-3 words it will go over the specified measurements below.


Herb/Spice Labels 4-6cm
10ml oil Roller Labels 4-6cm
Pantry Labels 6-9cm
Office/Stationery Labels 6-9cm
First Aid Labels 6-9cm
Bedroom Labels 6-9cm
Bathroom/Cleaning Labels 6-9cm
Laundry Labels 6-10cm
Food Storage/Fridge Labels 8-11cm
Storage Box Labels 12-15cm
Toyroom Labels 12-15cm
Oil & Vinegar Bottle Labels 15cm