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Collection: Fridge Organisers

LLC’s top fridge must haves! A few of our recommendations for all fridge sizes and shapes.

Lazy Susan

Maximise your space and easily access your goods with a clear lazy susan turntable tray. This versatile product can be used in the fridge to organise condiments small jars and other small items that tend to get lost at the back of the fridge. The turntable tray is a great option for the highest shelf where it is hard to reach.

Can Holder

Organise your cans with clear, single or multi-tier can organisers. Use in the fridge and keep those cans contained and prevent them from rolling around. Better yet, you can maximise storage space in your fridge with our 2 level rotating drink can organiser. The drink can dispenser keeps multiple cans neatly organised and is super easy and practical to use as it is self-rotating.

Egg Tray

Never enough space in the fridge to keep those eggs from rolling around or what to free up some space on your fridge doors? Egg trays are the perfect solution. Great part of egg trays with lid means you can stack other items on top of the tray. The transparent material allows ingredients to be identified easier and the integrated handles allow you to easily hold, lift and carry the container.

Fresh produce containers

There is nothing better than the feeling of having an organised fridge! Revolutionise your fridge with quality clear fridge organisers! The stackable containers with lid is perfect for storing and keeping your produce fresh, clean and readily available. The sleek design and durable clear plastic will add that touch of style and will make fridge organisation a breeze. The removable basket allows for easier access which means you can wash, dry and store your fresh produce all in the one basket.

Some of the LLC fridge organisers feature vents on the lid to keep your produce fresher for longer. The vents should be closed for low-humidity items to prevent food from dehydrating. These include leafy greens, most root veggies and produce that you pre-cut.

The vents should remain open for high-humidity items to allow some airflow into the container. Open your vents for most fruits, citrus fruits, berries, melons, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, avocados and onions. Also, the fridge container with drainage plug features a removable tray and rubber plug allowing for easy water drainage.

Drawer containers

Pull out drawer organisers are a great storage solution for not only keeping everything neat and tidy but they are great for maximising your storage space and making most of vertical space. Use them in the fridge for storing cheese, cold cuts, small packets and sachets, kids yoghurt pouches fresh herbs and other fresh produce. 

Bottle holder

Sick of bottles rolling around in your fridge? Bottle holders are perfect for organising opened and unopened drink bottles in your fridge. Also, great to organise kids drink bottles.

Clear Tubs

Our lightweight clear fridge and pantry tubs are the perfect solution to keep your ‘like items’ grouped, neat and organised. The transparent material allows ingredients to be identified easier and the integrated handles allow you to easily hold, lift and carry the container. Great solution for keeping your produce neat and organised in the freezer and fridge drawers.

Drink container

Give your fridge a makeover, decant your beverages and have your fridge door looking modern, uniform, and minimalistic with clear drink containers. Also, perfect for those who make their own juices, smoothies, and nut milk. The drinks containers are also great for travel, picnics and for anyone that is on-the-go. 

Under shelf clip on drawer

Revolutionise your fridge or freezer with this amazing shelf drawer! The drawer is perfect for creating extra space under the shelves in your fridge and a great size to keep your smaller items like cold cuts, small cheese packets and kids snacks neat and organised.