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Custom Pantry Labels

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Get your pantry in tip-top shape with Little Label Co

Our high-quality kitchen labels are perfect for keeping your pantry organised. With our vast range, you can put a name to everything in your pantry, from jars to containers. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with any questions or help you place your order. Say goodbye to pantry chaos and hello to a gorgeously organised space with our custom pantry labels today!

Our custom-made pantry labels allow you to get creative and take organisation to a whole new level.

Labelling your products in your pantry is an important part of organising your kitchen. Our custom vinyl pantry labels makes this simple. Pick your font, pick your colour and pick your custom word(s); it is simple as that. 

Our custom vinyl pantry labels are just that; you can label anything and everything - you tell us what the word(s) you want created into your own custom vinyl label. 

Each pantry label is approx. 5cm-12cm wide and 3-7cm high. This is only a guide as it depends on the font you choose and the length of your words.

Please note: Font 11, Font 14, Font 16, Font 17, Font 19, Font 20, Font 21, Font 22 and Font 25 are naturally wider and taller fonts and will be bigger than other fonts. Please measure your space accurately before purchasing labels.

For herb and spice custom vinyl labels click here.

Use the below to pick your label font.

LLC Label Font Picker

Price is per label

The quantity should reflect the number of labels you are ordering. If you are ordering 5 labels, you choose ‘1 label’ and change the quantity to 5.

If you are ordering more than 6 labels, you can choose one of our value packs. The larger the pack, the cheaper it is per label. For example: If you are ordering 50 labels, you would choose 1 x 48 pack and 2 x single labels to make up to 50. You can list all your labels in one box provided, no need to type them in separate boxes. Please do not include commas, bullet points or numbers to list your labels. Press enter after each new label.

If you would like to order 2 or more colours in the one section, simply make a heading 'WHITE' and list the labels under their colour.

The size is only a guide. Word lengths and different fonts could slightly alter these measurements.

The colour you select represents the colour of your font.

Price is per label, this is per ingredient, per name. Orders placed incorrectly will be cancelled and refunded.

Labels MUST be used within two weeks of receiving them. When listing labels just press enter between labels, please do not put comma, full stops or numbers. Please type labels as you want them to be seen, this includes capital letters.

All labels will be cut in Sentence Caps unless otherwise stated by customer.

Unless stated, labels with more than 1 word will automatically be cut on 2-3 lines centered.

As all orders are customised to your requirements there are strictly no exchanges or refunds.

Instructions on how to apply vinyl will be sent with your order. Please read carefully before applying labels

ORDERS ARE FINAL! Due to the large volume of orders, additions cannot be made to your order as this delays the processes in place.

Our labels are made of quality vinyl and are die-cut which means there is no backing to the label, giving you that painted look. They adhere to almost all smooth and clean surfaces such as glass, plastic, walls, mirrors, tiles and treated wood. They do not stick to raw wood, fabric, uneven or rough surfaces.

Each label is made to order and customised specifically for you. Once we design the labels, the machine cuts it, then the excess vinyl is weeded out of the decal by hand, covered with top application tape that is used for you to install the decal onto your surface. 

As you can see a lengthy process goes into making your label so please ensure you order correctly and allow up to 2-3 weeks to receive your order. 

Our labels come with easy to understand application instructions. Just follow the instructions step by step and nothing can go wrong. Please ensure labels are used within a week of receiving them otherwise the longer you leave it the harder it will be to apply.

The labels are easily removable but not reusable. If they give you trouble just add heat as vinyl melts or softens if exposed to high temperatures.

Providing they are applied according to our instructions the labels are water resistant 24 hours after application. The labels are not dishwasher safe, hand wash is recommended only.

This is just a guide for labels with 1-2 words. If you list a label with more than 2-3 words it could go over the specified measurements below.

Herb and Spice Labels 4-6cm
10ml oil Roller Labels 4-6cm
Pantry Labels 6-9cm
Office and Stationery Labels 6-9cm
First Aid Labels 6-9cm
Bedroom Labels 6-9cm
Bathroom and Cleaning Labels 6-9cm
Laundry Labels 6-10cm
Food Storage and Fridge Labels 8-11cm
Storage Box Labels 12-15cm
Toy-room Labels 12-15cm
Oil & Vinegar Bottle Labels 15cm

Important notes to consider before applying vinyl

  • For best results and easiest application we recommend applying the labels within a week of receiving them. The longer you leave the labels the harder it will be to apply
  • We are not responsible for any errors while applying the vinyl. Please be patient and take your time applying the label or decal
  • Vinyl is not always easy to work with, especially in really hot or really cold conditions
  • Vinyl is only fully waterproof 24 hours AFTER application. Hand wash is recommended in warm soapy water. Do not soak labels in water and labels are NOT dishwasher friendly
  • Certain wall paints will reject the wall decal making it difficult to adhere
  • During application ensure you do not handle the vinyl for too long as the oil released from your fingers will make it difficult for the vinyl to stick to the surface
  • The surface you are applying the vinyl on must be completely clean and dry. Make sure the surface is free of dust, oil and dirt. Wipe surface with warm water only, do not use any chemicals, oils or acetones
  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the label
  • Using a flat tool (a credit card or similar) press down on the label you are about to use. This will ensure the label sticks to the clear transfer tape, making it easier to peel off the paper
  • Remove backing from label, exposing the adhesive side. Be very careful and slow when doing this to make sure you do not tear the label in the process. If at any time the label does not want to come off the backing paper, push down the paper again in that spot, then rub label with your finger and try pulling off again. For more stubborn labels, try lifting the edge of the label with your fingernail
  • Once backing paper is removed, arrange label on desired surface from centre of the letters first and work your way out. Press down firmly with a flat tool over entire label to affix
  • It is suggested to leave the clear transfer tape on for 24hrs before peeling it off however, if you feel it is coming off easily you can start peeling away the transfer tape immediately.
  • Peel away transfer tape slowly and gently at an angle starting from the top and pulling down. If the letters of your label start to lift with the transfer sheet, lay it back down and press on the area again until label is affixed on the surface


      What materials are pantry labels made from?

      Our pantry labels are made from high-quality vinyl that can withstand moisture after 24 hours from application.

      Are the pantry labels waterproof and durable?

      Yes, Little Label Co's pantry labels are waterproof and durable, making them perfect for labelling items you use daily.

      Can I customise the text on the pantry labels?

      Absolutely! We offer text customisation, allowing you to create labels that suit your specific pantry organisation's needs and style preferences.

      How many labels are included in the bulk pack?

      For more information on our kitchen label bulk packs, please contact us directly — we’d be happy to assist you.

      What sizes are available for the pantry labels?

      Little Label Co offers various sizes of custom pantry labels to fit different containers — from 10ml roller bottles to large canisters.

      Can I choose which labels are included in the bulk pack?

      Customisation options for labels in the bulk pack may vary — please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing wholesale.

      How do I apply the pantry labels to my containers?

      To apply pantry labels to your containers, follow these steps:

      1. Ensure the surface is dust and debris-free and dry.
      2. Carefully peel the vinyl label's backing paper off.
      3. Avoid bubbles or creases while applying the label.
      4. Press firmly on the label from one edge to the other.
      5. Use a credit card or a similar object to smoothen out bubbles or wrinkles.
      6. Let the label sit in place for at least 24 hours.
      7. Avoid soaking or using the dishwasher. Hand wash with warm, soapy water instead after 24 hours.

      Can the pantry labels be removed without damaging the container?

      Although you can remove the sticker easily, it’s not recommended as it can reduce its quality and stickiness. 

      How long does it take to receive my order of pantry labels?

      Shipping times for pantry labels may vary on when you place your order and where you’re located. Please check our shipping policy page for more information on delivery times.

      What is the return policy for pantry labels purchased from Little Label Co?

      Generally, we accept refunds and returns if the labels come back in the condition they were sent. For more information about returns for pantry labels, please visit our refund policy page or contact us.