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17 Simple Organisation Habits for Busy People - Little Label Co

17 Simple Organisation Habits for Busy People

Struggling for "Perfection" here are 17 Simple Organisation Habits for Busy People to create your own perfection.

Organised home

  1. Organise first, then buy - First purge and organise your stuff, then go out and buy any organising containers you actually need.
  1. Clean up & pick up as you go - Rather than leaving all the cleaning and organising until the end of the day, start to clean up as you go throughout your day.
  1. Make your bed - If your entire room is organised but your bed is left unmade it makes the whole room look messy.
  1. Make a to do list and do your to do list! - Creating a to do list will help ease your mind and enable you to know you’re getting everything done in your day that needs doing. 
  1. Create a routine - A daily and weekly cleaning routine to help you split your cleaning tasks up throughout the week. 
  1. Start a meal plan - Use meal planning to organise your mealtimes. 
  1. Aim for a tidy home, not a perfect one - Perfect is never achieved, instead aim to create a tidy home.
  1. Set goals - Setting home organisation goals will help you get a clear picture of your ideal home and will help you keep on track as you work towards an organised home.
  1. Keep things where you use them - Keep products in the same room as, or close to, where they get used. Keeping things where you use will them will stop them from being left in the wrong spot. 
  1. Have a place for everything - Everything in your home should have a place, and if it doesn’t, it might be time to get rid of it.
  1. Purge your house regularly - Grab a couple garbage bags and get rid of anything you don’t need.
  1. Be happy with less - One thing everyone with an organised home has in common is they have just what they need and no more.
  1. Ditch duplicates - Rather than holding on to duplicates just in case you ever need them, get rid of them to free up more space in your home.
  1. Don’t let dishes pile up - Staying on top of the dishes is not fun, but it is vital when it comes to keeping organised.
  1. Evening Sweep - 10 minutes before bed get everyone to help tidy up the house. This will allow you to start the next day with a clean and organised home.
  1. Focus on one task - Instead of multitasking, focus on a single task all the way through to completion, then move on to the next task.
  1. Stop procrastinating - It’s time to get yourself in gear and start organising - today.
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