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5 steps to help you organise the rest of your home

5 steps to help you organise the rest of your home

These 5 simple steps can be used to organise, sort, de-clutter just about any space in your home.

1. Take everything out! - Doing this will allow you to see beyond the current state, and start to organise the space rather than just organise the mess. This will allow you to see what you have and what you might need.Home Organisation Steps

Ok maybe not this empty ;) 

2. Cull, Cull, Cull! - Look at your stuff, if it hasn’t been used in the last 6 months you are safe to say you won’t use it in the next 6 months. Make 3 groups- Bin, Donate, Keep. The less things in your space, the less cluttered it will feel. Only put back what you actually want. This same rule applies to any area of the house; home office, kids toys, kitchen cupboards. Be ruthless and only put back what is necessary! And if all else fails and you still don’t know; ask yourself two questions: Need it? Love it? If you can’t say yes to either then get rid of it. Life is too short to fill out our spaces with things we’re indifferent to.

Home Organisation Wardrobe

An expert tip - Take the things you are not going to keep out of the house as quickly as possible. The longer they stay the more likely they will come back into the house!!

3. Grouping - Once the culling is done and only the necessary has survived, start to group the like products together. This part is really essential to know what sort of storage solutions you will need. Don’t forget to measure your space before going and buying new storage solutions.

Garage Storage Solutions

4. And now the best part ;) ... Labelling! - It makes my life so easy. At a glance you know what goes where, you know when you are running low on particular things, and my favourite; it stops the husband asking “Where is the...”. In the home office and linen closet, labels can ensure you know everything has a place and the kid’s toy room is a breeze when you know where to put everything in the nightly sweep!

Organised pantry  

5. Now to actually put things back - You have emptied, you have culled, you have storage solutions, you have labelled... now it is time to create the space how you want it to be!

This is your time to place the items where they will work for you. No matter how your space is laid out you need to make it work for you. Remember that now the space is de-cluttered make it make it functional as well as styled. Make sure you keep everyday items at eye level to make it easy to access. Use your top and bottom shelves for heavier/bulky items or those you don’t use often.

Organised Home

If you have gotten this far into your organisation journey, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your newly organised space!

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