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12 Rewards Of LLC Have Started - Shop Now Week 1 Rewards
How to apply your label - Little Label Co

How to apply your label

If you are thinking about purchasing our vinyl labels and need a bit more information on how to apply them or if you have  already received your labels and not quite sure how it all works this step by step instruction is for you!
I hope it answers all your labeling questions and makes it a bit easier for you to apply your own.

Vinyl adhesive weakens when they sit for long periods after cutting. Do not wait too long to apply your vinyl label or decal to the surface. During application ensure you do not handle the vinyl for too long as the oil released from your fingers will make it difficult for the vinyl to stick to the surface

Please be patient and take your time applying the label or decal. The surface you are applying the vinyl on must be completely clean and dry. Make sure your wall is free of dust, oil and dirt. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the vinyl


Remove backing from vinyl, exposing the adhesive leaving the transfer paper in place. Be very careful and slow when doing this to make sure you do not tear the vinyl in the process.

 If at any time the vinyl does not want to come off the backing paper, push down the paper again in that spot, then rub vinyl with your finger and try pulling off again. For more stubborn vinyl, try lifting the edge of the vinyl with your fingernail.

Once backing paper is removed, arrange design on desired surface from centre of the letters first and work your way out. 

Press down firmly with a flat tool (a credit card or similar) over entire label/decal to affix and remove any air bubbles. 
Peel away transfer paper slowly and gently at an angle starting from the top and pulling down.

 If the letters of your vinyl or decal start to lift with the transfer sheet, lay it back down and press down on the area again (using credit card or similar) until vinyl is affixed on the surface.

Vinyl is only fully waterproof 24 hours AFTER application. Hand wash is recommended in warm soapy water. Do not soak labels in water and labels are not dishwasher friendly. 

Enjoy! Hope our labels bring some personalisty, organisation and order to your home :) 

You can also check out our video below... 

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