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Nicole's Pantry Makeover - Little Label Co

Nicole's Pantry Makeover

The lovely Nicole from @diaryofahousewife (on Instagram) and I gave her walk in pantry a huge makeover earlier this year. Till this day Nicole raves on about her pantry and how simple it’s been to keep clean and organised because everything has its place. And this is exactly why I love doing what I do! What I love most about pantry makeovers and organising is that you are making a permanent home for all your items, which means you will be making a conscious effort to return the item to its original position. Having an organised and tidy kitchen/pantry means less time spent trying to look for items, less clutter, less to keep tidy and more time doing the things you love! 

Nicole and I are so excited to share with you images of her pantry makeover from start to finish and my best tips and tricks along the way to help you get your organised pantry.


Have a huge cuppa before you start (you’re going to need it), kick those shoes off, pump the music and get in the mood

Pull out your entire pantry before you start organising and de-cluttering! You need to see what you have before starting the process including pulling out all those items that’s been in the back of your pantry for months or even years.

Group like items (cans, snacks, drinks, baking goods, dried ingredients, sauces, condiments, etc). Store the ‘like items’ together, it will save you time looking for them making them more accessible.

Store all your ingredients in transparent containers/jars with a either a screw top or air-tight seal. This will keep ingredients fresh and make them visible and accessible.·  

Make a permanent home for everything. Not only will it be easier to find everything but you are more likely to maintain it.·     

 Get a lazy susan. They are so handy and practical especially in hard to reach corners


Label everything! Labels have changed how I organise my kitchen, once you label something you don’t have to think about it again! Replenishing ingredients and writing the shopping list will be easier too.

  Purchase a few containers/baskets/tubs to store your ‘like items.’ May include ‘Oils & Vinegars’, ‘Baking Goods’, ‘Snacks’, ‘Condiments & Sauces’, etc.

Keep your frequently used items on the shelves that are easy to access. Less frequently and heavier items go on the lower shelves.



I know this won’t apply to all but if you can, make it visible. When you are forced to look at it everyday, you are more likely to keep it neat and tidy. Lastly, get creative with your space! Use the back of the door or wall space, and add some funky hooks to hang towels, aprons or caddy’s to store all the necessities.

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