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The Lazy Susan For the Busy Home

The lazy Susan has stayed the same from its humble beginnings, its simple design of a revolving stand or tray on a table, used especially for holding condiments. But we see its uses for all areas of the home, and maximising home organisation.

Different materials and designs available

From practical bamboo for your table to plastic and acrylic for your pantry, bathroom, art’s and crafts and more.

Use of a lazy Susan 

Lazy Susan’s in their simplest form are for serving food and snacks. However, the handy turntable features lend itself to a wide range of other applications such as in the pantry for sauces or jars, under the sink for spray bottles, in the bathroom for bit and bobs, in the craft room for art supplies and so much more.

Tabletop: The turntable design means you can rotate a lazy Susan in both directions so people can help themselves at the dining table, our lazy Susan with dividers makes a great centre piece for snack at any party. 

Pantry: A lazy Susan is an excellent kitchen organiser which can be repurposed in your pantry to provide easy access to herbs, spices, jars, tins, and sauces. They also give you clear visibility, so you don’t end up doubling up on condiments. From flat lazy Susan trays to high sided with divider clear plastic lazy Susan’s we are sure to have one to suit your pantry.

Fridge: A lazy Susan is perfect fridge organiser. It can be places on any shelf to store jars of sauces, jam jars, drink cans and more. It saves on space and allows you to have a clear view of all your products. It stops over buying as well as sauces going off after they go missing at the back of the fridge.

Other uses of a lazy Susan

Here are some other uses of a lazy Susan that we have found:

  • Organising cosmetics and toiletries
  • Organising hair accessories
  • Organising sauces and jars in your fridge
  • Organising vitamins and supplements
  • Organising a tea and coffee station
  • Organising stationery and craft supplies
  • Organising laundry and cleaning supplies
  • Presenting a charcuterie board
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