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Why hire a Professional Organiser? - Little Label Co

Why hire a Professional Organiser?

To require a professional organiser does not mean that you need to have a house packed to the rafters with newspapers, collectables and clutter. Professional organisers can definitely help those people however there are many other ways that they can help the rest of us who are just too tired, too busy, too overwhelmed and just too damned confused!

So why hire yourself a professional...

  • Someone who can make the hard decisions for you. Sometimes in a partnership one partner is messier or more of a hoarder than the other. Hiring a personal concierge to come to declutter for you takes the argument out of the relationship and gives you that one step of separation from the hard decisions.

  • As they don’t have the same sentimental attachment to your stuff that you do, they can often help you gently but practically separate yourselves from the unnecessary excess that surrounds you. Don’t worry, they won’t ever force you to get rid of anything you feel strongly about. As the Marie Kondo method, that is so popular right now, tells us the key to having a happy house is to only surround yourself with items that either bring joy or are useful. So say goodbye to that ugly jumper your mother-in-law knitted you for Christmas and donate it to charity to someone who actually needs it.

  • Professional Organisers have access to more resources than the average person with knowledge on where to find the best shelving, wardrobe solutions and container storage options to suit every style and budget. Save yourself time trawling online and in-store as not only will they quickly be able to pin-point what you need, they often get trade discounts they can pass onto you.

  • Professional Organisers know what is worth selling and what is better to be donated or thrown away. They can help you to list and potentially make money off your unused and unwanted items or donate them to someone in need, both much better results than having that stuff unnecessarily clogging up your cupboards and jamming up your drawers.

  • Setting up systems is one of the biggest benefits preventing you from falling back into the pattern where you began. Starting with a clearly labelled organised pantry, linen closet, wardrobe, craft room, play room or garage means that when you go to find something it is quick to locate as everything has it’s place. It’s also a breeze to return to where it belongs meaning that it’s less likely for clutter to build up in those problem areas - you know where, we all have them!

  • Cataloguing collections. Having all your collections itemised and stored in a logical and progressive manner means that not only are the items easier to locate but having a system in place also saves time in the long run. Think of all those times you could have sent an assistant to pick something up from the storage unit only to then have to come and find it yourself as everything was in disarray. Uniform storage tubs with printed labels itemising the contents of each box mean that anyone can walk in, locate the required item and leave within minutes. Returning or adding items is also much easier with a catalogued system in place. Professional organisers will take this one step further and will group contents in a logical way whether it be for a dance company whose props need to be grouped by theme (Under the Sea, Winter, Once Upon a Time) or a mum who wants the clothes and toys the kids have grown out of grouped by age/size and saved for another baby.

  • Hiring a professional organiser is not all about design although that definitely does play a role. The best rooms are those that encourage you to use the full space (yes and to make a mess) but allow you to quickly and easily put things away again as those systems are in place.

So the best way is not to struggle on or just try to power through by sheer will. Get yourself a professional organiser or a personal concierge and save yourself some angst. Let them help you implement those systems that will eliminate your frustration instead of hoping against hope that one day you will find the time and energy to deal with it yourself.

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Blog Post written by Penny Quin from Coast Lifestyle Management.

About Penny:

Former commercials project manager and now mother of two little girls; Penny is an organiser at heart and loves nothing more than to help people. As the founding owner of Coast Lifestyle Management on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, her days are spent helping busy professionals and their families to get on top of their never-ending to-do lists. Hailed as “A wife from another life” and a “sanity saver” her organisational, decluttering, home management and personal administration skills are 2nd to none and should be an essential addition for every busy household. She’s most happy at the end of a job seeing the astonished and relieved smiles of her clients.

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