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How to organise your linen - Little Label Co

How to organise your linen

1. Store your seasonal bedding and linen

The change of seasons from winter to spring is the perfect time to declutter and organise your linen cupboard. Heavy winter items such as blankets, flannelette sheets and winter quilts should be put away into storage bags to keep them clean and protected until next winter. This will create more room in your linen cupboard so that you can access everything easily.

2. Categorise to avoid chaos

Once you’ve removed and stored all your winter items in storage bags, you should only be left with linen that is on high rotation in your home during the warmer months. Categorise items to be stored in small or medium baskets such as washers, hand towels, towels, and bedding. Use larger baskets for items such as towels and bedding. You can choose to store bed linen separately as sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers, or you can categorise by sets, bed size or family member. If you are limited on space, it’s ok to combine similar items.

3. Organise according to use

Your linen cupboard should be organised so that items that are accessed frequently are placed in baskets at eye level or just above or below. Storage bags that contain winter items should be placed up high or down low as these won’t be accessed during the warmer months.

4. Have fun with it!

If you have the space, you can store soap, linen sprays, a diffuser, or a faux plant in your linen cupboard to give it a touch of personality and keep everything smelling fresh. Organisation doesn’t have to be boring!

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