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Make your next gift giving event stand out with beautiful custom adhesive labels from Little Label Co! The presentation is half the fun when you give a gift, and giving customised gifts mean something truly special. Our fun and fabulous selection of custom size labels can fit both large and small gifts, and they're sure to be a hit at your next event.

Personalise Your Gift with Little Label Co's Custom Decals

You can order custom labels and take any gift from ordinary to extraordinary with a custom adhesive label that we'll ship anywhere in Australia. We offer seven different sizes, 12 different colour options ranging from classic to bold and 24 different fonts.

Also, because we're offering custom adhesive labels, you're able to quickly and easily apply them to just about anything. They work extremely well on mugs, cups, water bottles, flower pots, lunch boxes, hats, pet dishes, wall decals and so much more. The possibilities are virtually endless, and it's up to the person who receives your custom decal what they use it for.

You can make your kid's year when you present them with their very own custom decals for their lunchboxes. If they have a water bottle with their lunchbox, you can personalise this with their name as well. Along with looking sharp, it also makes it easier to find if your child misplaces it. Order custom labels for your child's teachers to thank them for all they do, and it's easy to apply them to a mug or cup.

Celebrate Those Special Occasions with Gift Labels from Little Label Co

Holiday parties can create a unique challenge if you have to purchase a gift, and you don't know the recipient that well. It's easy to remove the stress by getting them a custom label for the holidays. Dress up a Christmas ornament or holiday gift with the recipient's name in gold or pink to wow them.

Weddings are all about personalised gifts, and ordering custom labels is a thoughtful touch that will make your gift that much more special. We have 12 colours available in flat and glitter tones, and they're easy to incorporate into a variety of wedding-related items like mugs, centrepieces, garment hangers and more.

Maybe you want to make your own custom decals to personalise your next gift. If so, we offer the freedom to create custom made labels that can go virtually anywhere. Adding your favourite inspirational quote to your mirror, so you see it in the morning is a great idea, or you can customise signs, candy jars, tins, coasters and more.

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Design and create the perfect gift for your family, friends or coworkers with our selection of beautiful and durable custom adhesive labels. We're on-hand and ready to answer any questions you may have, and we can't wait for you to reach out and get in touch.