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LLC Home Tour

Welcome inside The LLC home.

My passion has always lied in organisation. It is in my blood, even as a teenager I would find so much joy in organising wardrobes and pantries of my family members. I then turned my passion into a business so that others could feel the same satisfaction, happiness and calm organisation brings to me and till this day it is my greatest achievement, when I hear the positive impact the LLC approach has had on others.  

In 2020 we bought our first family home. It was a little aged and run down and I saw this as a great opportunity to not only renovate and give it a face lift but also gave me the opportunity to shape it exactly how I wanted to be able to implement effective organisational systems to streamline our daily routine.

There are so many reasons why we should all implement organisational systems into our regular routine. The LLC approach is not just about aesthetics, there are so many other benefits to living a clutter-free, organised life not just for you but the whole family. It is a powerful tool that amplifies productivity, creativity, it reduces stress, helps you sleep better, promotes healthier food choices and in the end saves money and your precious time because everything has a permanent labelled home. I truly believe that joy is sustained through consistent tidying and organisation.

I have to say my biggest accomplishment is the LLC pantry. There was a large void off the kitchen plans which I visioned to be a 1 m x 1 m floor to ceiling open shelving with an accordion door that I could open and close as I please. It is my pride and joy, it is pretty, it is functional, practical and so easy to navigate. As you can see I even like to keep the doors open most the time. 

I have to say I am obsessed with our kitchen drawers too! Keeping the cutlery and multi-use drawer neat & tidy has been a breeze with the LLC organiser drawers and acrylic dispensers. If you are going to transform one drawer in your kitchen it has to be your cutlery drawer. The clear organiser trays are a game changer when it comes to organising your cutlery and fitting everything in like puzzle.

The under stairs cupboard was a cellar when we bought the house. As soon as I saw the space I knew that if the house was ours I would turn it into a multi-use/craft cupboard for the family and that is exactly what I did. With the help of a carpenter, we turned the dark under stairs cellar into an organised haven for the kids (and me!) Everything has a permanent home, easy to access, easy to identify and having everything labelled means everything goes back where it belongs.

 The acrylic documents box also lives in the under stair cupboard. It is one of the items I am so proud of. The main reason behind creating this beautiful box was to be able to file away my kids keepsakes and one day present them with one each to take with them when they move on to the next chapter of their lives. It is also great for filing important documents, manuals and warranties, gift cards and receipts.

Having an organised garage is the most satisfying! I really wanted to include the garage in this reveal as it is one of the most important spaces to declutter and organise. It clears up so much space, protects your valuables and dangerous equipment, makes finding things a breeze and enables you to use the floor a lot more. Once we cleared the garage, we were able to utilise the space and turn it into a little home gym.

 It is not about the space you have but how you use it. I had to keep the same shell and layout when it came to renovating and designing the laundry but there were some non-negotiables. I wanted a long broom cupboard with a powerpoint for long brooms and a vacuum, lots of storage space for storage tubs, a hanging rail and a wide drawer to sort laundry. Incorporating these into our laundry plans have made the laundry not only pretty to look at but so functional, practical and easy to keep neat and tidy.

You will often here me saying ‘organisation is a journey, not a destination.’ We moved into the home in July 2021 and I could say there are still spaces in the home I am yet to tackle. I always recommend that you take baby steps with organising, do it once, do it properly I like to say. Tackle organisation drawer by drawer, space by space. And once complete, you are not done. Regularly refreshing and decluttering your organised space is as important and a great opportunity to rediscover forgotten treasures and keep your surroundings fresh and inspiring. I recently did this with the bathroom under sink cupboards and the kids wardrobes. With a bit of decluttering, reshuffling and changing some storage items and labels over I was able to give it a fresh new look which made it easier for the kids to maintain.

The LLC approach recognises the beauty in having a home for everything, every item you own deserves a designated spot. This concept fosters an environment where chaos is replaced with harmony, and finding what you need becomes a breeze. LLC approach not only provides you with the right tools to live your best organised life but the right products that have been designed, tested and loved by me and my family to help you achieve that. By embracing the same LLC approach you too can enjoy and reap the benefits of a well organised home.

Happy Organising!

Natalie xx