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Acrylic Tags (with label)

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Not sure how to label those wicker storage boxes, fabric boxes or perforated containers? We have the perfect product for you! Our acrylic labelled tags will change everything!

Use them in the laundry, bedroom, pantry or linen closet, take organisation to the next level with our gorgeous white, black or bamboo acrylic tags.

Please note: Not all fonts are on the list as some aren't suitable for labelling a small space. Price is per tag. You will need to apply labels on the tags.

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Dimensions: 9cm width x 5cm height

Colours: White, bamboo, black

How to order: Choose your tag colour, then customise each tag with your own choice of font style, font colour and label names. Label and acrylic tag will come separately. Acrylic will come with a film that needs to be peeled off. 

How to apply: You will need to use velcro strips or a hot glue gun to apply them onto your desired storage basket/container. These tags DO NOT come with a hole/twine. 



  • Price is per tag (with label)
  • Orders placed incorrectly will be cancelled and refunded
  • Labels MUST be used within two weeks of receiving them.
  • 1 label is one ingredient or name, you can have maximum 2 words acrylic tag.
  • When listing labels just press enter between labels, please do not put comma, full stops or numbers. Please type labels as you want them to be seen, this includes capital letters.
  • Please do not list labels all your labels in capitals unless that's how you want them cut
  • Unless stated, labels with more than 1 word will automatically be cut on 2-3 lines centered in Sentence Caps
  • As all orders are customised to your requirements there are strictly no exchanges or refunds
  • Instructions on how to apply vinyl will be sent with your order. Please read carefully before applying labels
  • ORDERS ARE FINAL! Due to the large volume of orders, additions CANNOT be made to your order as this delays the process of other orders

Our little labels are made of semi-permanent vinyl and are die-cut which means there is no clear backing to the label, giving you that painted look. Each label is made to order. Once the machine cuts your label, the excess vinyl is weeded out of the decal by hand, then covered with top application tape that is used for you to install the decal onto your surface. As you can see a lengthy process goes into making your label so please allow up to 2-3 weeks to receive your order.