Home Organisation Services

Take advantage of our home organisation services and spend less time managing the house, and more time doing the things you love.


Initial in-home consultation
At Little Label Co we will help you plan, design, help source all required storage containers or jars/canisters and help you organise and de-clutter from start to finish. Includes a personal visit and inspection of site, discussing and drawing up of plan/design.
Fee: $35.00

Home organisation hourly rate
Includes removing everything out of room, sorting, de-cluttering, applying labels if required, arranging and organising.
Fee: $60.00

Virtual home organisation service
If you think you can handle the physical part but just need some tips and advice or help sourcing the right jars, canisters or storage containers we also provide online consultations or ‘virtual’ organisation service. Includes inspecting photos of the space, drawing up a plan/design, then advising you what storage solutions to buy and where to buy them. We will be there to assist you with the organising right till the very end until the project is complete.
Fee: One off payment starting from $75.00 (depending on size of project)


If you have any further questions or would like to book a consultation please contact Natalie at littlelabelco@gmail.com or 0414 311 469.